AAUW Funds

The AAUW Action Fund replaces the previous Education Foundation and Legal Advocacy Fund.

AAUW Funds (#9110) is the 501(c)(3) organization that receives your tax-deductible gifts.  They may be unrestricted to provide general support to AAUW or restricted to specific funds or programs.  The funds included as part of the 501(c)(3) tax-deductible programs are:

The Legal Advocacy Fund (#3999) – supports the protection of the legal rights of thosewho are facing discrimination.  LAF’s programs are:

  • Legal Case Support;
  • LAF Case Support Travel Grants;
  • Campus Outreach Projects.

The Educational Opportunities Fund (#4336) – supports educational and lifelong learning  opportunities that give women a chance for a lifetime of success.  Programs include:

  • Fellowships and Grants;
  • The Fellows Alumnae Initiative;
  • The Undergraduate Scholarship Clearinghouse

The Public Policy Fund (#4337) – supports advocacy for public policies and laws that are fair to women.  Public policy programs include:

  • Government Relations;
  • Civic Engagement;
  • Field Organizing

The Eleanor Roosevelt Fund (#9170) – supports AAUW research to provide analysis, data, and accurate information about issues that are important to members.  Programs include:

  • Behind the Pay Gap (2007),
  • Where the Girls Are (2008),
  • Why So Few? (2010)

The Leadership Programs Fund (#4339) – supports programs that develop women’s potential to lead in their schools, communities, and country.  Programs include:

  • The National Conference for College Women Student Leaders;
  • Campus Action Projects,
  • Elect Her.

It is important that gifts and donations from the Atascadero Branch go to AAUW California first, so that our branch may receive credit for the amount donated.

Checks should be made to AAUW Funds.  If you prefer to restrict your gift to a specific fund, please indicate the name or number of the fund on your check.

All  gifts or donations to any AAUW Fund is tax deductible.  Please forward your check to the AAUW Funds VP so that your gift is accompanied by the designated form to ensure credit for our branch.

Click here for pie chart describing the funds